Is sun screen that important?

We all know the sun is not a healthy thing in extreme. We've known that for quite some time and actually I am more concerned about the sun now then I ever was before. I always made sure sunscreen was on my little kids when my kids were little toddlers. After that I kind of ignored it a little bit more. Not really ignored it, just didn't pay any attention to it. And very rarely put sunscreen on myself...because we were in the generation of tan. We liked to be tan. And now that I have learned more about skin cancer and the risk for skin cancer, I'm much more aware of that and I will be much more. I think about putting sunscreen on and I remind my teenagers, You've got to make sure you've got some sunscreen on." Just the education that we've learned about skin cancer has made me much more aware of the sun.


What do you do in addition to sun screen to protect yourself from the sun?

Wear long sleeve shirts in the sun. Wear long pants and people sort of say, "Oh, that's not going to work if it's hot out." But you can wear lightweight, just to avoid that sun. You can stay out of the sun between 10 and 3, if you can, if you possibly can. Make sure that you wear sunscreen. Make sure that you apply that sunscreen, even if it says waterproof, every half-hour or so when you come out of the water, because it's going to wear off. It is waterproof, but that sunscreen's going to wear off. So make sure you reapply the sunscreen, and also apply it before you even get out in the sun, because it's got to start working, its got to absorb into your skin, before you even get out there. So those are some good tips. And wear a hat.