Jim Anthony
Professor & Chairman, Department of Epidemiology

Professor Jim Anthony joined the faculty of the MSU College of Human Medicine Department of Epidemiology in October 2003, and rapidly forged a strong partnership with the MSU Communications Technology Laboratory and the associated Games and Learning Collaboratory. The talents and strengths of the CTL and GLC mesh well with the future of epidemiology and public health, which strive to help families and individuals learn to live healthier and happier lives, one at a time, or 1000s at a time.

He has worked with Carrie Heeter and CTL staffers Jason Justman and Pete Maziak to create the CTL Longitudinal Surveillance Engine, a new tool for rigorous longitudinal research, program evaluation, and formal experimentation to evaluate the impact of new online software products, public service announcements, and other public health and educational interventions that can be delivered via the internet. With Brian Winn as a partner, he is a creator of the CTL Cognitive Games Initiative, with a goal of helping to perserve cognitive health from middle through late adulthood via regular online exercise to promote memory and other cognitive functions. With Darcy Greene as a partner, he is fostering the development of online interventions that seek to reduce risk of adolescent suicide.

Longitudinal Surveillance Engine
Cognitive Games Inititiative
Adolescent Suicide Prevention Initiative

Anthony has authored more than 200 scholarly works between 1979 and the present.
Here is a selected list.

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