Comm Tech Lab projects and products have won many awards and have been exhibited nationally and internationally. Here is a partial list of awards and recognitions. More recent projects are listed first.

Michigan 4H Garden Spatial Kids' Tour
-- featured exhibit, Apple Learning Interchange, August, 2002
-- exhibited at CHI 2002 as part of the Professional Interactive Portfolios panel
-- Golden Web Award, International Association of Webmasters and Designers, November, 2001
-- Surfers’ Choice Award, Surfers Choice Awards, November 2001
-- Cool Site of the Day, Cool Site of the Day, November, 2001
-- Webmaster Award, The Webmaster Awards, December, 2001
-- Web Author’s Choice Award, Pinnacle-Club Web Author's Choice Award, December, 2001
-- Busy Educator Award, The Busy Educator’s Guide to the World Wide Web, December, 2001
-- Exploratorium Ten Cool Sites, the Exploratorium, December, 2001
-- The Teacher’s Corner Excellence for Education Web Sites, The Teacher’s Corner, December, 2001
-- NEM5 Web Magic Bronze Award, NEM5, December, 2001
-- Maestro Awards Bronze, Maestro Awards, December, 2001
-- EduNET Choice Award, Edunetconnect, January, 2002

Completing A Life
-- presented at EdMedia 2002 in Denver
-- exhibited at CHI 2002 in Minneapolis as part of the Professional Interactive Portfolios panel

High School Curriculum On The Death Penalty
death penalty curriculum
-- Surfer's Choice award
-- Cool Site of the Day award
-- Web Author's Choice award
-- selected as a member of the GEM Gateway Consortium of Internet-based educational materials, received a
-- 5 star rating from Pacific Bell's Blue Web'n Library of Educational Resources, as well as a
-- Lightspan StudyWeb award, and
-- Awesome Library Editor's Choice recognition as being among the top 5% of educational sites on the web
-- Busy Educator Award
-- selected by the American Bar Association Division for Public Education to use as the core curriculum for their 2001 annual National Online Summit for 50 participating high schools.

Microbe Zoo
microbe zoo
-- SCILINKS, National Science Teachers Association, November, 2001 and May, 2002
-- Reviewed in the Journal of Biological Education, March 2002
-- Exploratorium's Ten Cool Sites Award for educational excellence for May, 2002
-- added to the MERLOT distinguished, high-quality learning materials collection, February, 2002
-- selected for schoolsnet web guide (UK), March, 2001
-- BlueWebn Award, 1999
-- rated "Spectacular!" and awarded 5 stars in a 3/17/99 syndicated newspaper column "Surfing the Net with Kids."
-- listed on BBC Best of Science on the Web, 1999
-- exhibited at SIGGRAPH, 1995
-- Health Explorer Site of the Week, 1998
-- five star rating by NetGuide, 1998
-- New Media Invision Multimedia Award Finalist, 1996

ASL Browser And Personal Communicator
asl browser personal communicator
-- "An outstanding site in its subject area." Web Feet, Summer, 2002
-- selected for MERLOT database as a distinguished, high-quality source of learning material, November, 2000 and June, 2002
-- September 2001 Site of the Day at’s Site of the Day
-- licensed by the CIA for use on their internal network, 2002
-- September 2001 Site of the Day at
-- featured on Spanish and World Languages/Cultures website, March 2001
-- rated "Wonderful!" and awarded 4 stars in the 3/21/2001 syndicated newspaper column "Surfing the Net with Kids."
-- four stars on "Surfing the Net with Kids” national column, March, 2001
-- USA Today "Best Bets on the Web" selection, March 2000
-- New on the Net selection of the month, Electronic School magazine, 1999
-- included in the Scout Report for Social Sciences, 1999
-- Discover Magazine's Software Innovation of the Year Award, 1995.

Breast Cancer Lighthouse
breast cancer lighthouse
-- MedIndex Seal of Approval, 1999
-- Macromedia People's Choice Awards Finalist, 1995
-- exhibited at SIGGRAPH, 1995.

Click-On MSU

breast cancer lighthouse
-- exhibited at SIGGRAPH, 1992

Mission To Mars!
breast cancer lighthouse
-- exhibited at CyberArts, 1991

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