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He said I was an addict

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He said I was an addict

I got a recommendation from someone for a psychiatrist. He saw us immediately. We came into his office and he spoke to us for about two minutes and took a look and called his nurse in. He looks and said, "am I right?" and she said, "absolutely." The next thing he said, "you have to go into the hospital." I said to Jerry, "Jerry, they are going to throw away the key." I didn't want to go in the hospital. They told us at that time I was in withdrawal and I'm an addict. I looked at him and I said, "wait a minute, I'm an iatrogenic dependent, I am not an addict" and he looked at me and said, "what do you mean? You know iatrogenic dependency?" and I said, "certainly, I've done enough reading, I'm certainly bright enough to know what iatrogenic dependency is over addiction, I wasn't taking this medication because I want to take the medication. I needed it for pain.

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