Esther's Barriers


He said I was an addict

Found a pain management program

Back on medication

Help is hard to find

What if I can't afford it?

What if I can't afford it?

(Esther's husband Jerome)

The Oxycontin that she is on at the present time is a very expensive narcotic. And she has to take forty milligrams a day, which is close to three hundred dollars a month. If your insurance doesn't cover it, and my insurance doesn't cover it or any medication, that's out of my own pocket. Fortunately, I am of such means that I can afford it. What about the people who can't afford this kind of thing? What do they do? I mean, if you have to get Insulin, it seems to me that it's given to you through either your city, state or county government. If there is no help, what do they do? Just die in pain? I don't know. That's my frustration.

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