Esther's Outcome

Relatively pain free

Donna got me through it

People need to be told

I'm angry for others

I asked good questions

My life now

Grateful, but frustrated

I'm angry for others

I'm angry for myself, but I'm angry for other people. If it wasn't for my primary physician, and my own children, I don't know where I would be today, but I'm lucky to have this kind of a primary physician. There are other primary physicians that simply don't care. You go to a doctor and you have to wait an hour and a half for God to walk into the door, but you're paying him. The anger is that we are treated like we are nothing. A dollar sign is right in front of our faces. My daughter being treated that way was inexcusable because she certainly knew more about my disease than they did. They better learn in medical school that, hey, you know, we are real people and they have to be taught that sometimes a little smile with a patient goes a long way, but you better know what you are talking about when you see that patient.

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