Esther's Outcome

Relatively pain free

Donna got me through it

People need to be told

I'm angry for others

I asked good questions

My life now

Grateful, but frustrated

My life now

I was useless. I didn't cook, I didn't clean, I didn't go back to my artwork. That's pretty sad kind of a life. I can't begin to tell people what's happened to me since I've gone back on medication. I have been so prolific in my art, that I'm scaring myself. I'm shooting off one after another and my mind is constantly, "oh, I got to do this and oh, I got to do that," and I can't wait to get to the next project. I can have five projects all at once. I can drive with the medication in me. I can go to the movies, we can go out to dinner. I am now in Michigan for two weeks, I'm going to Toronto to see two more grandchildren. I'm going on to Wisconsin to see three more grandchildren, I mean, what else is there in life?

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