Esther's Outcome

Relatively pain free

Donna got me through it

People need to be told

I'm angry for others

I asked good questions

My life now

Grateful, but frustrated

Grateful, but frustrated

When I reflect back on the last two years, on one side, my thoughts are, "thank God she's here. Thank God she's functioning, Thank God that we can travel." We're grateful. On the other hand, on the other side of the ledger, it just was mentioned, why, why did we have to go through all this? Why did we have a year and a half of this agony. I remember sitting in the oncologist's office and reading the famous Bill of Rights of Cancer Patients which says you are not an addict. It says you have a right to live a normal life without pain. Then you walk into the doctor's office and he doesn't know anything about this. I hope that there might be some progress to have health givers learn there is more out there than just what they were able to get in medical school.

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