Esther's Outcome

Relatively pain free

Donna got me through it

People need to be told

I'm angry for others

I asked good questions

My life now

Grateful, but frustrated

People need to be told

The saddest part is that there is no knowledge out there about cancer pain management. Why? You have pain, you have a right to take a pill. You're not going to be an addict and no doctor has the right to tell you that you are going to be an addict, which is what I heard from the psychiatrist and from my surgeon. God, I don't wish them any cancer, but I would like for one time, one of these doctors to have the pain and you'll see how fast they go to their medicine cabinet. I think this country needs a spokesperson to go and talk to doctors, talk to hospitals, scream, go to Washington, do something so that people who have cancer or any other pain-related illness that the doctor shouldn't be afraid to write a prescription to help this person that is having such a terrible, terrible problem with pain.

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