Sandra's Assessment

My family's important

I'm a controlled person

It was a large tumor

Knowledge is power

I joined a "list serve"

You have time

Try anything

Discomfort from the node dissection

Knowledge is power

One lady one time on a breast cancer list serve that I'm on posted a two liner, you know, hey, just do what the doctor tells you and go with flow. I remember feeling that is probably the stupidest thing in my opinion that anybody could possibly do. The potential for mistakes is just too great to not become knowledgeable. I remember one doctor said one time, you gotta trust us some and yeah, you do. I mean they have years of education behind you but I always felt that knowledge was power. When I went in and I was knowledgeable and I could tell them before they had a chance to tell me, it made them treat me a little bit differently. I think there was more attention paid to what I had to say or questions that I had.

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