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My family's important

I'm a controlled person

It was a large tumor

Knowledge is power

I joined a "list serve"

You have time

Try anything

Discomfort from the node dissection

Discomfort from the node dissection

The only real physical pain I have is from the auxiliary dissection. I had done quite a bit of research and was ambivalent about having it done. But to avoid more chemo I went ahead and did it because they said if I was node negative that I wouldn't have to undergo any more chemo. After the surgery there was constant tendinitis in my shoulder. The surgical site had permanent numbness. It causes the arm to tingle, and to ache sometimes and to itch. After the auxiliary dissection they put in a drain. Where that little incision was it stings and aches once in a while if I wear the wrong kind of clothing. The wrong kind of brassier it will press into it and its like I gotta go home and take this off.

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