Sandra's Assessment

My family's important

I'm a controlled person

It was a large tumor

Knowledge is power

I joined a "list serve"

You have time

Try anything

Discomfort from the node dissection

You have time

I had a five centimeter tumor. Just the tumor size alone put me in stage two. And the Adriamyan Cytoxan is very aggressive chemotherapy The combination of the two can cause some nasty side effects. If I had a chance to go back, knowing what I know now, I would tell myself, Sandy, you've got time, you have time to do a little research. You have a couple of weeks. You go in. They diagnose you. Couple of days later you're on the table, maybe with a breast gone, maybe with only part of the breast gone. With your lymph nodes definitely gone. There is no need to let these people rush you. Too many times I listen to other people in the cancer support group where boom, it's done. Then afterwards it's like, if only I had known this I would have done this instead.

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