Sandra's Assessment

My family's important

I'm a controlled person

It was a large tumor

Knowledge is power

I joined a "list serve"

You have time

Try anything

Discomfort from the node dissection

Sandra's Assessment

Sandra was 43 when she was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer. She felt a lot of anger, and decided not to rely just on advice from others. She began to research her own cancer and investigate other treatment options.

I'm one of these people where people can say stuff to me and it sits there and I think about it for a few days and I think, you know, my sister is right. I can do things that can change my life and make it better. And I think at that point, once I recognized the fact that I still do have control. And yes, these things happen to me, I can't change them. I made the choices I made based on the information I had at that time. And they were the best and only choices I had at that time. But I can do these things for me now. I can exercise. I can change the way I eat. I can use medication. And it is really bizarre how these things kind of fell in place for me.

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