Sandra's Assessment

My family's important

I'm a controlled person

It was a large tumor

Knowledge is power

I joined a "list serve"

You have time

Try anything

Discomfort from the node dissection

Try anything

I have learned to keep the mind open to complimentary type things. I think the turning point for me was, a couple months after my treatment was finished and I went to visit my sister. She looked at me and said, Sandy, you have a strong mind. You can heal yourself. And I think about it for a few days and, you know, my sister's right. I can do things that can change my life and make it better. I think that our minds are strong. I think that we can develop skills that will help us cope and to try anything. Hey, whatever floats your boat. Don't let anybody ever tell you're being silly or stupid because you want to try something different.

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