Sandra's Treatment

I expected to be normal

Adriamyan and Cytoxin

Bladder problems

Emotional vs. physical pain

A class in "Mindfulness"

Complementary treatments

I tried massage and yoga

Emotional vs. physical pain

You can use drugs, you can use a lot of things to control physical pain and you know that is going to go away eventually, or at least get it controlled. Emotional pain can last forever. Sometimes you think, is this ever going to end? So that kind of pain, I think, is worse in the long run, than dealing with the physical because the body heals. The mind takes a long time. I'm sorry. It has been a dilemma for me to deal with the anger that I felt towards the medical establishment. I still have a lot of anger. I don't know if I'll ever completely trust doctors, nurses or techs. It has been a growing experience for me.

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