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I expected to be normal

Adriamyan and Cytoxin

Bladder problems

Emotional vs. physical pain

A class in "Mindfulness"

Complementary treatments

I tried massage and yoga

I tried massage and yoga

I would read a lot of self-help books. Everything I thought might help me I would try. I watched Bill Moyers "Healing and the Mind" and you pick up things from that. You know I did the massage, the yoga, breathing. It is called Kripalu yoga. It deals with holding a position and breathing into an area. I was given some exercises and I was very faithful about doing them to get my mobility back. One thing though, if I don't do the yoga or if I don't do the exercise, if I don't do the massage, I stiffen up. That is a constant reminder, hey, you're slacking off. Time to get back on target.

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