Sandra's Treatment

I expected to be normal

Adriamyan and Cytoxin

Bladder problems

Emotional vs. physical pain

A class in "Mindfulness"

Complementary treatments

I tried massage and yoga

Complementary treatments

My family physician got me onto using herbs and stuff. As a result of chemotherapy my immune system was severely depressed. I was open to infections and I got a lot of bronchitis. Each time it got a little worse. So I had to go to my family doctor and he suggested Echinnaccea as a way of boosting my immune system and I did that. Then I started reading herb books and those seemed to help. There is nothing I could really put my finger on but I felt like it made a difference. My financee, who is not new age, very much both feet on the ground, felt that it made a difference. You have to believe in what you're doing for anything to work. I believe it helped me. And it helped me feel like this was an area where I had control. All these things were being done to me, but I can do this for me. It helped.

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