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A class in "Mindfulness"

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I tried massage and yoga

A class in "Mindfulness"

Well it just so happened that one day I found out they were going to be offering a class in mindfulness. Prior to this, even though I did visualization tapes. I did some relaxation. I did the massage therapy. I was still under enough tension and there was still enough anger that I constantly had my jaws just like a fist. I'd relax them and then two minutes they'd be tight again. I'd just be gritting my teeth constantly. I took this class and it focused on using meditation. It focused on using yoga, journaling, I mean keeping a journal. What it really does is make you aware of your body. It encourages you to live for the moment instead of worrying about the past or worrying about the future. I found it helped me a lot. I quit clenching my jaws.

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