Valerie's Outcome

Pain takes energy

It hurts to be touched

Learning to live with it

I hate to complain, but . . .

We focus on today

We both had depression

Rest and emotions

The whole family in pain

We both had depression

I had depression at the end of treatment which surprised me cause I thought it should have been before treatment but I'm told it is quite common. My husband was treated separately for his depression which I didn't even recognize. My husband's depression had a lifetime after mine. Again, I find out that is quite common. It is not really talked about, however. My husband was burned out and depressed from the many demands that were placed upon him. Having to deal with our child, sometimes being the only parent at home and me needing care myself when I was home. That kind of blew our family apart for a while. Thankfully we've all utilized therapy and counseling.

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