Valerie's Outcome

Pain takes energy

It hurts to be touched

Learning to live with it

I hate to complain, but . . .

We focus on today

We both had depression

Rest and emotions

The whole family in pain

The whole family in pain

It's kind of like when I'm in pain, the whole family is in pain. When I'm struggling with the pain we have soup out of a can for dinner or nothing. Or, "I don't care what we're having for dinner, you just pick something." I think it is harder for women, because let's face it, we're the ones who are expected to nurture the family and keep all those relationships going. We don't want to say, oh honey, I've got the horrible pain again. If it's a consistent thing and you're in pain a lot you think, oh God, they're not going to value me as a human being. You know, my husband is going to want to run off with some other woman who doesn't have pain. Even though he always reassures me that that isn't so.

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