Valerie's Treatment

Leukemia is unpredictable

My psychologist helped

I don't like using narcotics

Relief with massage

Fear of tolerance

Complementary medicine

It's more under control

Panic from pain

Complementary medicine

I don't even think of it as alternative medicine. I think of it as complimentary medicine. None of the people I see outside of Western medicine have ever encouraged me to stop taking any of the medication I'm taking. They just add. In fact the last time I was in the hospital when I was in a great deal of pain, the woman who gives me the therapeutic massage and also does something, what's called Rake, which is a balancing of the energy, the balancing of the Jakras in the body. I called her and she came to the hospital to give me the massage and give me the rakey and I found that to be enourmously comforting.

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