Valerie's Treatment

Leukemia is unpredictable

My psychologist helped

I don't like using narcotics

Relief with massage

Fear of tolerance

Complementary medicine

It's more under control

Panic from pain

It's more under control

To control of my pain I take many different narcotics. When I'm in an acute episode I try very hard to remember my doctor's advice take the pain medication as often as I need and not wait for the pain to escalate. I start with the highest dose I think I need. I don't like take one and think that is going to work. If I think the pain is severe I take the higher does. I've used Codeine, morphine, Percocet, Demerol and Vicodan. Right now Percocet is the one I'm most comfortable with because it has the fewest side effects for me.

Additional Medical Information:

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