Esther's Treatment

"Bite the bullet"

I stopped medication

Thought it would be ok

Local doctors can help

Not a typical patient

Therapies I tried

Three "choices"

Medication, not drugs

I stopped medication

I went home and I started to live a relatively normal life and continued on with the pain medication, which was sent with me and given to my oncologist. Every month the oncologist filled the prescription, never questioning me about the medication, whether I'm taking too much or not enough. After several months of this, the clinic doctors called me and suggested I find a pain management program in my city. Well, nobody knew what I was talking about. They sent me to a psychiatric clinic. They sent me to physical therapy, they sent me to occupational therapy, where do I go? So, I decided, well, that's it. I'm going to stop this medication. Enough of this, I'm feeling fine and I decided one morning, I talked to my husband, and I said, "I'm not taking the medication anymore," he said, "okay, if you feel all right." What do we know.

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