Esther's Treatment

"Bite the bullet"

I stopped medication

Thought it would be ok

Local doctors can help

Not a typical patient

Therapies I tried

Three "choices"

Medication, not drugs

Three "choices"

The pain clinic at one of the hospitals that the anesthesiology department heads said I had three choices. One choice was I would have this nerve block, which they did not think would work. And it would also be a very long-term thing and is very uncomfortable. It didn't sound to me like they were anxious to get into. The next one was surgery. The surgery being that they would cut away the scar tissue that is probably encasing or touching the nerve endings which have been cut because of the surgery, therefore I'm having this neuropathic pain. My third choice was to have a breast reduction. The reason they suggested that was that they felt the breast had received so much of this weight added to it. My breasts are so heavy they pull and have caused me more neurological pain in the back. Again that is a surgical procedure. Is that a choice? I didn't have a choice. Where do I go?

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