Esther's Treatment

"Bite the bullet"

I stopped medication

Thought it would be ok

Local doctors can help

Not a typical patient

Therapies I tried

Three "choices"

Medication, not drugs

Medication, not drugs

Well, I finally decided it's time to look for something else and we didn't know where to turn. Just at that point my daughter Donna came up with a name in Florida and it led to the pain clinic and it led to taking medication again. I no longer call it drugs. I won't call it drugs, because they are not drugs they are medications. They are there for the purpose of making me comfortable so that I can be in Michigan and be with my grandchildren and be very involved in a whole brand new world of the living. Pain can destroy you. There is just so much pain that a human body can take. There was no family life. The pain just took over our lives. Jerry and I did not go anywhere. We didn't go out for dinners. We had no life.

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