Esther's Treatment

"Bite the bullet"

I stopped medication

Thought it would be ok

Local doctors can help

Not a typical patient

Therapies I tried

Three "choices"

Medication, not drugs

Local doctors can help

(Esther's husband Jerome)

I was trying my best to, more or less, be the monitor for her medication. I knew at the time that she was under heavy doses of addictive type of medication, morphine. And I had read enough at the doctors offices to realize that all of this was necessary in order to keep her level of pain at a relatively tolerable level. Otherwise, there were periods of time when she just screamed with the pain. Over the phone, the pain clinic people did tell me if we tried to wean her off of some of the narcotics, that we should go in a very slow manner. The Oncologists in our city, they were not really taking notice of the pain medication. I never found they were interested in the pain control. We weaned her off and finally got her down to a point where she was taking maybe a fourth of what she should have been taking. That we found out later. I was trying very hard to control it, but I really was under long-distance control.

Additional Medical Information:

Additional Medical Information:

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