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Protect the stomach

(Bev - Lou's nurse)

Lou had a history of gastric ulcer disease back in the '70's so I was just a little bit nervous about having him on that Ibuprofen for that reason. So we decided to protect his stomach and give him some Prilosec and some Cytotec. The Cytotec replaces prostoglandins which are depleted by the non-steroidal class of drugs, which Ibuprofen is a non-steroidal drug. Prilosec decreases gastric acid secretions. So we've been using those two drugs together, along with the Ibuprofen and we haven't had too much trouble up until about a week ago. This was a couple of months into therapy where Lou started to complain of stomach pain. At that point we dropped the Ibuprofen dose down to three times a day and increased his Cytotec and his bone pain has been good and his stomach is no longer bothering him. So we've just made some individual adjustments to make sure he's comfortable.

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