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Elavil helped in many ways

(Bev - Lou's nurse)

Along with the Ibuprofen we also started Elavil. Lou was having a hard time sleeping at night and his mood was down. He was describing the kind of pain that led me to believe maybe there was nerve involvement. Right along his left lower rib cage he was complaining of some burning pain that would come and go. I just figured instead of just adding a sleeping pill why don't we use one drug that can do more than one thing, which Elavil can. Elavil is an anti-depressant which is sedating when you take it at night before bed. So the Elavil would, indeed, help to alleviate nerve pain. It would also help Lou sleep and would also elevate his mood. We've been slowly increasing that Elavil dose up. He's on 30 milligrams right now before bed. And I think that Mickey can attest that his mood has been much better. Sleeping is still an issue and I think that we're starting to get to the place where we're seeing some benefit with that drug.

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