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(Bev - Lou's nurse)

So he's on Ibuprofen, he's on the Elavil. The MS-Contin, we've had to be creative with. Mickey's been a big help. Usually we try to dose our MS-Contin dose every twelve hours, but for some reason Lou just couldn't tolerate that every twelve hour dosing. And so what we had to do was break it into four doses which he takes every six hours. We've just continued to do that. We've been lucky since we've broken those doses up. He has not been hallucinating, even when we do dose increases, he tolerates it much better that way, which, of course, is atypical. It works for Lou and that is the most important thing; is to individualize your pain control to the person and get them the best relief you can. Do something that is going to work for them. I have to say ,as Lou's nurse, Mickey has been just absolutely wonderful. She is a wonderful care-giver and she makes my job so much easier. When I come in, she gives me a run down on how Lou's been the week before, the day before. She has been just absolutely wonderful in terms of actually working with the medication, with me. She has some wonderful suggestions which, you know, I listen to Mickey and to Lou and basically take my lead from what they want.

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