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Social workers can help

(Marcia - Social Worker)

Mine is to address the social pain that comes along with being ill, the changes in role that a person goes through. If they've been the head of household or they've defined themselves in terms of their work or whatever they've done, their role changes when they become the "sick person". And also the psychological pain that goes along with having any kind of chronic illness, whether it's terminal or not. And that goes for being of support and use to the families to understand what their feelings are when they're watching their loved one dies. I also helping the client, the person who is dying, deal with all the psychological things that happen as they come to accept the fact they're dying. My job is to help people ease their psychological and social pain and have some sense of acceptance, some peace and a little less emotional trauma. Cause there is bound to be emotional trauma. At least if you can understand it and know that you're normal and your feelings are valid. I think that goes a long way to easing people's pain. Sometimes it even eases their physical pain.

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