Peggy's Husband's Barriers

I was pushy

Good insurance coverage

Explore, and be insistant

He wanted to be macho

Not afraid of addiction

Needed a clear head

Everyone should have this

Some can adjust to it

Needed a clear head

We had things we hadn't done legally yet that had to be done and he really needed a clear head for us to make some very major decisions. When he was on the patient controlled analgesia, the one that went in the vein, he was completely out of it. When my husband had the Duragesic patches, once we reached the level where he was comfortable he was also out of it. He thought it was very important to have a clear head. We were able to do that with an epidural analgesia. He was the type of man that was always in control, a very organized individual. When he was a zombie and asleep with the other pain control he was a very unhappy man. This really made a difference with the quality of his life.

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