Sarah's Mother's Outcome

Facing the fact

Don't expect enlightenment

A second chance

Managing pain was the key

She died at home

Her last day

I like talking about her

What I learned

A second chance

I feel like in some ways we got a second chance. Two days before she died, her friend, the one she wanted to be there when she was dying, came back. By that time everyone was so happy to have him back. No one was arguing any more, everyone was just like, "Yes mom, whatever you want," and Joe was back. She started feeling bad and she wanted to go to the emergency room. And then at midnight m Grandma called, Joe had been with her at the hopsital. Grandma said, go to the hospital now. We went. We had no idea what was going on, but we knew it wasn't good. We came in. She had slipped into a coma. She wasn't her anymore. Her face was totally sunken and she was breathing funny the way people do when they are about to die. So one by one we were alone with her. We said what we wanted to say to her. And we waited. At six in the morning my sister said my mom grabbed her hand. All of a sudden she started turning her head. Next thing you know she is trying to sit up in bed. Everybody came in. Her eyes were open but she couldn't see. She started asking if everybody was there. Andy? Is Andy here? Andy said, yeah mom, I'm here. Carol? Are you here? Again, and again. My gosh, it went on for half an hour. She wanted to know if everybody was there. Yep, we're all there. It was so strange. It was an amazing day. She woke up that morning and said she wasn't in any pain.

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