Sarah's Mother's Outcome

Facing the fact

Don't expect enlightenment

A second chance

Managing pain was the key

She died at home

Her last day

I like talking about her

What I learned

Her last day

She said she was in no pain, its the first time she said she'd been in no pain in six months. She was so happy. She was not cranky at all. She was laughing and telling jokes. She could stand up but she just didn't have the energy. It was wierd, she said, "I'm afraid to go to sleep because I don't think I have the energy to come back one more time." So she stayed up, oh gosh, until three in the morning. I felt really bad because I kept telling her to go to bed. I said, "Mom, you're so exhausted, you need to go to bed." She just kind of blew me off and said, "Yeah, whatever." She wanted to stay up. She stayed up and stayed up. Finally my brother and I went home. My sister stayed there with Joe. Around three, three-thirty she said I guess I'll lay down now but I'm afraid. I think she knew. My sister called me about five-thirty and she was gone.

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