Sarah's Mother's Outcome

Facing the fact

Don't expect enlightenment

A second chance

Managing pain was the key

She died at home

Her last day

I like talking about her

What I learned

Managing pain was the key

Keeping her pain managed was so important. We began to see that that was when she could actually savor the time she had left and really appreciate life and reflect and think about memories. I think she could connect with us and end her life in a way that she enjoyed. When the pain wasn't managed she would regress back to the four year old. This could happen in a period of a day. In the morning she might be a horrible terror and then in the afternoon after her patch had kicked in, after she had six MS-Contin she would be a joy. We would sit around and talk about memories. It was so precious. But in order to enjoy that her pain had to be managed.

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