Sarah's Mother's Outcome

Facing the fact

Don't expect enlightenment

A second chance

Managing pain was the key

She died at home

Her last day

I like talking about her

What I learned

She died at home

She woke up and then suddenly had this idea that she was going home. Well she had just come out of a coma and we're like, the doctors are not going to want you to go home mom. She also decided she would refuse all lab draws and medications, except for her pain medication. We talked to the doctors and they said, well, okay, we'll let her go home. She came home in an ambulance that afternoon. We spent the whole afternoon and evening around her bed talking and laughing. She even ate a milkshake, which was pretty neat. We were so happy. It just made us feel better. She was like "I'm hungry." That night she died in her own bed, at home, curled up sleeping. I'm so glad because that is where she wanted to be.

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