Sarah's Mother's Outcome

Facing the fact

Don't expect enlightenment

A second chance

Managing pain was the key

She died at home

Her last day

I like talking about her

What I learned

What I learned

It took a long time for my mom to find the internist who finally managed her pain. I don't think it would have happened if we hadn't kept asking, " is everything being done for mom that can be done painwise?" Everyone will give you a different opinion. Never be afraid to be aggressive with doctors. There are a lot of doctors who aren't even familiar with the Durgesic patch. Ask questions and if you don't hear what you want to hear go to somebody else. One of the things I have learned is that when a person is in pain they won't necessarily tell you. They will be cranky or they will be mad or mean. I think for me the biggest learning experience was stepping away from being offended or hurt by these things and realize that was a sign she was hurting.

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