Peggy's Husband's Outcome

No pain is how it should be

Christopher's grandmother

A motor home trip

The whole family helped

Talking to the kids

Pain clinics

Making peace

The last 36 hours

A motor home trip

Two weeks before my husband died we went on a motor home trip to St. Ignace. I was able to borrow from a friend of mine who has a neurological disease, one of these little electric carts because he couldn't walk more than ten feet without being very short of breath. My husband was especially interested in classic cars so we went to a classic car show. We were able to park the motor home real close to where they parked these classic cars.We were able to go see all the cars. The rest of us huffed and puffed it while Jack scooted around, got to see all his cars. The next day went to Mackinac Island and we were able to spend the whole day on Mackinac Island. This was just a few weeks before he died. It was wonderful.

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