Peggy's Husband's Outcome

No pain is how it should be

Christopher's grandmother

A motor home trip

The whole family helped

Talking to the kids

Pain clinics

Making peace

The last 36 hours

Talking to the kids

I just could not stand to watch my husband in pain. It just tore me up. I knew that he didn't have to be in pain, that it could be managed. It was the same way with my daughter. She understood the difference. My son really didn't see his father in really excruciating pain because it was so well controlled. I work nights when I work, a few nights I worked while he was sick, someone always slept in the same room as Jack. That was quality time with the kids. That was when he talked the most, one to one with his children. And it ended up being a good thing that I was out of there those few days, that he got to talk to his kids. That was all three of them, even Christopher, because Jack was the only father Christopher knew.

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