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The last 36 hours

I'm very happy with the way we took care of him as a family. My son was in Chicago for a couple of days. He came home and he spent about three hours with Jack. Our minister came and spent about an hour and a half with him. Then Hospice got an order from our family physician for a tranquilizer to give Jack. We stopped giving him any fluids. I was on one arm and my daughter was on the other arm and we walked him to his bed. We said Jack, we're going to start making you sleepy now and gave him his tranquilizer. In the morning he was a little restless and I called Hospice again and the nurse came. I told her I thought maybe he was trying to get up because he had to urinate. So she came and put a urinary catheter in. He settled right down and within 36 hours he died. I have a niece who is a registered nurse. The day he became comatose she and my daughter gave him bed bath. The one thing my husband said before he went to sleep was I want you to make sure I don't have bad breath. Wash my mouth out a lot. We did. I think he was the man who died with the cleanest mouth in town. He died peacefully, the way he asked to, and our whole family was there.

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