Peggy's Husband's Outcome

No pain is how it should be

Christopher's grandmother

A motor home trip

The whole family helped

Talking to the kids

Pain clinics

Making peace

The last 36 hours

The whole family helped

My husband went to Indianapolis. And he went with my son, my son in law and my grandson. That was his 40th visit to the Indianapolis 500. He had gone 40 years straight. It was always a male thing, no women went. By then he was on breathing treatments. He sometimes had nausea so terribly I gave him a drug called Droperidol in his vein. There was a little IV catheter put in his vein. It was left there with a little rubber stopper on it. The boys were taught how to irrigate it and how to give him his medication. And he felt good enough after one day that he stayed two days. That was four or five weeks before he died. We were very fortunate to have a lot of family members that could help. It brought our family really together, which is the good thing that came from it.

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