Sarah's Mother's Treatment

Pain right after surgery

Deciding to start chemo

Familiar things worked

Early treatments stopped working

Pills and patches

She was not groggy

Considered a nerve block

A tape of sad love songs

Pain right after surgery

After the surgery she had surgical pain. That was a very, very intense pain. That may have been so intense it really went every where in her body. She didn't say it was here or there. It was every where, you could touch her on her left side even though she had the right lung taken out. Everything hurt. She was pretty disoriented. She had to be so heavily medicated it was hard to tell what was pain and what was confusion and what was just sadness from a feeling of hopelessness or fear or her lack of control. At the same time she had chest wall pain. She also had the herpes pain at the same time. It was difficult for her to say where the pain was coming from, what is it. I think at that point she just hurt all over.

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