Sarah's Mother's Treatment

Pain right after surgery

Deciding to start chemo

Familiar things worked

Early treatments stopped working

Pills and patches

She was not groggy

Considered a nerve block

A tape of sad love songs

A tape of sad love songs

In the beginning she had tapes that she would listen to. I think she found them to be comforting. As she realized she wasn't getting better she stopped listening to them so much. It was strange because rather than listen to them she started listening to this tape that to this day bothers me to hear. It was this strange tape called "Country Boy, City Boy" and it was these classical piano renditions of really sad love longs like "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain." Oh my gosh, I mean it was like the most depressing tape to listen to. She loved it and would listen to it day and night. It got her to sleep at night. It made her feel better in the afternoon. She loved it and it was safe and it brought her comfort.

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