Sarah's Mother's Treatment

Pain right after surgery

Deciding to start chemo

Familiar things worked

Early treatments stopped working

Pills and patches

She was not groggy

Considered a nerve block

A tape of sad love songs

Pills and patches

She went from having the Vicodan by pill to going to morphine. Unfortunately the pills just weren't working for her because taking a pill every four hours is so hard when you have to get up in the middle of the night, waking up in pain, and take another pill to be able to go back to sleep. Eventually, what really worked for her were Duragesic patches. They are called fentanyl patches, too. That was a patch she could put on her arm, or back, or leg and it would last for three days. As her pain increased she could actually wear more than one patch. I think that eventually she was wearing three patches at a given time. In addition, for the break through pain, she would take morphine, MS-Contin and a shorter form, MSIR in different dosages throughout the day.

Additional Medical Information:

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