Sarah's Mother's Treatment

Pain right after surgery

Deciding to start chemo

Familiar things worked

Early treatments stopped working

Pills and patches

She was not groggy

Considered a nerve block

A tape of sad love songs

Considered a nerve block

After having a few crises of pain, my mom and my aunt went to a pain clinic. I was the people there that brought up the issue of a nerve block or an epidural and the benefits that could provide as opposed to a fentanyl patch and her MS-Contin. She thought about it but decided not to go with it. I would say the main reason why was because it was invasive and it was something that she was dependent on. To have a needle coming out of her back, something that needed to be injected and maintained by a nurse to her was an acknowledgement that she had become dependent on medical care and the end was near.

Additional Medical Information:

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