Sarah's Mother's Treatment

Pain right after surgery

Deciding to start chemo

Familiar things worked

Early treatments stopped working

Pills and patches

She was not groggy

Considered a nerve block

A tape of sad love songs

Deciding to start chemo

So the doctors were basically waiting for her to make the decision. It was up to her to say, I'm ready for chemo now. The doctor said you should be back in about four weeks. In reality she wasn't ready for six weeks. That is when we went back to Chicago for the consultation to start chemo and radiation. The trial of chemotherapy was going to be four sessions of chemotherapy once a month for four months. Then they would reevaluate and do the radiation. Two days before we went back to Chicago I had been rubbing some lotion on my mom's back and I noticed along her incision line she had a pea-sized lump, which really scared me. I didn't mention anything to her about it, but then when we saw the doctor we talked about it. He grew very quiet and got a stern look on his face. My mom was anxious. She wanted to biopsy it and he said, no, let's just wait and do the chemo. I think we all, at that point, had a sinking feeling this might be the cancer returning.

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