Jeff's Assessment

Journalism major

A bump on my left shin bone

The word "cancer"

The first time I stood up

It was different at home

I appreciate health more

I don't identify with cancer

Journalism major

I'm 21 years old and I am a third year sophomore at Michigan State. Journalism major. I did journalism in high school. I've just been kind of doing it ever since I was in ninth grade. I'm the youngest of eight. My father died when I was eleven. My next oldest brother moved out three years before the whole cancer thing came about. So it was just me and my mother pretty much. The rest were all married and had kids or whatever. We were just kind of spread out. Pretty much my only hobby is just writing. I work at the campus newspaper where I'm Opinion Editor. I've worked there for a few years. That takes up most of my time, plus classes. I've been working two jobs. That is what is putting me through school. Plus loans.

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