Jeff's Assessment

Journalism major

A bump on my left shin bone

The word "cancer"

The first time I stood up

It was different at home

I appreciate health more

I don't identify with cancer

The word "cancer"

I went in and got some tests, the whole cat scan. They thought it was shin splints and, you know, any number of things. But they weren't sure so they had to send me to a specialist. I had to have an MRI. All those really nice expensive tests. He told me what it was. He thought it was osteofibrodysplasia. At that point, which pretty much meant it was a pre-cancerous tumor. As soon as he said the word cancer I was like, oh, okay. They didn't go really in depth with me but I imagine the way the growth was it would have pretty much just kept growing outward. I don't think it would have had deeper roots in my leg or whatever. So they probably just would have done the same surgery. Obviously if it had kept growing the pain would have been more severe and probably would have been a longer recovery process.

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