Jeff's Assessment

Journalism major

A bump on my left shin bone

The word "cancer"

The first time I stood up

It was different at home

I appreciate health more

I don't identify with cancer

A bump on my left shin bone

There was a bump on my left tibia, right on the front. It just kind of appeared one day and I never even really thought about it. I just thought, maybe one time I was going up the stairs and whacked it. I did notice every once in a while it would tingle and then sometimes it would be a sharper pain. The pain didn't have me too concerned really. A lot of the time there was no pain, it wasn't constant. But I did notice it was right where the bump was. Sometimes like when I was walking it would happen, too. I wondered if I was putting my leg under too much stress or something because I had been in cross country too in high school. I didn't really know what to make of it, but I'm kind of glad it was there cause that is what led me to go to the doctor.

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