Jeff's Assessment

Journalism major

A bump on my left shin bone

The word "cancer"

The first time I stood up

It was different at home

I appreciate health more

I don't identify with cancer

Jeff's Assessment

Jeff was 17 when he noticed a bump on his leg, later diagnosed as cancer. He had surgery, a new experience, but he was not at all prepared for the pain that followed. Recovering at home, he realized that many people don't understand what cancer or even pain really is. Jeff has new limitations in his life now, and a new appreciation for living pain free.

I didn't know what was appropriate to say and what was appropriate not to say. I just kind of went with my instincts and if the pain become too unbearable I rang for a nurse. If I thought I could bear it for a while I would just wait pretty much. I just played it by my own instincts.

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